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FTL is a one-of-a-kind FREE Manual Traffic Exchange. FTL has combined the effectiveness of Traffic Exchanges with the excitement of Lotto Games. As you are surfing, you will get to automatically play FREE lotto tickets.

⇓ DISCLAIMER – When You Click These Links, LVCRF May Be Paid For Your Visit. ⇓

⇑ DISCLAIMER – When You Click These Links, LVCRF May Be Paid For Your Visit. ⇑

The more you surf, the more lotto tickets you can play. Lotto Drawings are held every Saturday, and the winning numbers are officially drawn by the Indiana Hoosier Pick 6/48. You only have to pick 2 or more numbers to win. If you pick all 6 numbers correctly, you will receive $600.00 in your Paypal account, 30000 Credits, 45000 Banner Impressions, and 45000 TextLink Impressions!

FTL also has a bunch of other cool stuff including the FTL Mypoints system, 5 Daily Surf Prizes (including cash), FTL Advice, Account Cash Redeem (up to 65% off regular pro and credit prices), optional Daily Email Reminder (including DidYouKnow), a one-click join feature for Pragmatics25, and the lowest prices on the planet for pro memberships and credit bundles. In short, FTL is one of the most unique, feature filled, effective, and active traffic exchanges on the internet.

Why combine Free Lottos with Traffic Exchanges? Today’s traffic exchanges lack entertainment value. Sure, they have fancy splash pages, stats, and other junk, but the surfing is just plain boring. Lotto Games are exciting because of that chance to hit the jackpot (or at least win some great prizes). Is your surfing boring? Not Anymore!

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